Bodysculpting for Bombshells

Bodysculpting for Bombshells is a personal fitness training course in a nutshell, taking the confusion out of your exercise routine by giving you an easy-to-follow structure that minimizes your time at the gym and maximizes your results.

A series of 52 photos show you how to:

  • exercise all the major muscle groups (necessary, unless you want to waste your time, cause muscular imbalances and future pain)
  • use gym equipment correctly (the cause of soreness, discomfort, injury and arthritis)
  • counteract the aging process (to maintain mobility and energy throughout your life)
  • know the difference between burning fat and burning calories
  • increase your metabolism

No more long hours on the treadmill. No more aches and pains. No more frustration.

You will learn to exercise like a professional, shape your body like a piece of art, build a mindful love relationship with your body and reclaim your Bombshell Self by feeling good in your own skin.



Keep Smiling Your Teacup is Levitating

A paranormal memoir, and useful strategies for intuitive living.

Imagine sitting across from your life insurance broker, and when queried about your mental health, you want to blurt out: “I see dead people, but there is nothing wrong with me.”

More than one boyfriend ran for the hills because I “saw” future events, such as a fire that endangered the lives of two children. Then again, I once passed on a call-back for an acting audition because the producer had a creepy vibe. He was later convicted of murdering his lead actress.

I “heard” my boyfriend’s name before we exchanged the first words. My dead cat visited and scared a friend away. I scheduled a psychiatric evaluation when I “saw” the events of September 11 on a beach in August of 2001; I thought I had to be insane. A decade after his death, our late landlord demanded we foster rescue dogs even though I prefer cats. Holding someone’s briefcase revealed a future drug overdose; “reading” keys announced an unlikely pregnancy. Viewing a rental property comes with a detailed report of the previous tenant’s history; divorce, disease, and depression linger in a space like muck. Telepathy has proven more efficient than text messages or shopping lists. And yes, a teacup levitated across a table and was set on the floor without spilling the tea.

The paranormal is my normal. These are true stories and sound advice how to navigate the paranormal without questioning your sanity.

Let me take you for a ride.