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The Creed

Book 1: Fostered & Book 2: Cradled

Mia has loved Gabriel since the day he suddenly appeared to fulfill his dharma, to see her through a difficult adolescence after being orphaned. He disappeared without notice when Mia found employment as a dancer and could stand on her own feet.
Recurring dreams lead Mia to believe a mystery keeps them apart, Gabriel loves her as much as she loves him, and he will return. When Gabriel reappears at a frightful accident site, Mia thinks the time has come to reunite.
But now Gabriel is a convicted biker gang member, brainwashed by a cult who claims to capture Nephilim. Should she cut her ties and marry Alex, the man who stands by her when Gabriel offers her up as a sacrifice to his cult? What is the greatest act of courage that will show her the deeper meaning of love?

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Award Winner of “Honorable Mentions” at the Los Angeles Book Festival


Nominee for Kirkwood Award


Kirkus Reviews: “...a captivating mix of romance and paranormal mystery… A multi-layered blend of romance and suspense with the right amount of paranormal intrigue for fans of the genre.”


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Available as ebook and print

The Creed

Book 3: Siren Song

The ballerina Mia is searching for the love of her life, Gabriel, who reincarnated in a new body after being shot by Mia’s ex-boyfriend Alex. When she finds him, Gabriel has lost his memory.

Mia’s chance to become principal dancer is at stake when the troupe’s manager takes a leave of absence after a heart attack; Alex stalks her, and Gabriel believes he loves his social worker Maria.

Mia joins a group of feminist Nephilim to learn drawing from her awakening skills of clairvoyance and psychokinesis to overcome her obstacles. Unknown to Mia, the group’s radical resistance movement is undermining Gabriel’s unit of the bodhisattva and preventing Gabriel from returning.

Mia’s loyalties are tested when Gabriel asks to join him in the dangerous task of tracing the last day of his previous life. Will Mia sacrifice her spiritual empowerment, risk her career and trust the love they once shared, for a man who will either marry another woman or strip her of her heritage as a Nephilim?