Vivi Stutz

Obviously, I love to write.

I wrote my first book when I was nine and asked my mother to submit it to a publisher. It wasn’t published, but I continued writing, some of it published and some of it back to my pile for idea-recycling.

I study the craft, most notably at the UCLA Writer’s Program, and through a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts awared by Excelsior College.

I am a pre-licensed Marriage and Family therapist with a Master’s Degree in psychology and marriage/family therapy awarded by California Southern University, and a Master’s Degree in spiritual psychology by the University of Santa Monica.
I am a Personal trainer and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist certified by the American Council on Exercise, and a former actress, singer and dancer.


I grew up in West Germany, moved to the East after the wall came down (lived in a squatted house with no fluent water or electricity among WW2 ruins) and came to California at twenty-four (attending an acting school and working as a cleaner in Venice beach youth hostels.)
I married an American (somehow it didn’t occur to me that I would end up staying for a while if I do that) and we set up shop with a hoard of rescue animals.


I’m notoriously homesick for Germany and try to have one foot on each continent, which can be shaky but the breeze over the Atlantic is invigorating.
When an insight or idea moves me or when I learned a new skill, I write about it. I’m curious about what makes us human and how to go about being human successfully. I write paranormal fiction because “the paranormal is y normal”, or I write romance when something fed my inner die-hard romantic. I write non-fiction when I’m excited about something I learned or when I’m hooked on research.


I view life through the lens of psychology, non-denominational spirituality, humanism, history, multi-cultural perspectives, philosophy, non-traditional life styles, travel and most of all, humor. I am influenced by an inexpliccably strong intuition and by the paradigm-changing program at the University of Santa Monica, which often lends me an unusual outlook on events. Through writing, I hope to share inspiration, healing and empowerment. And laughter. We must keep our humor about it all.
I love the beautiful written word. I derive my calories from books; I devour them. Great books provide the best mental vacation all inclusive therapy and life coaching, and I will not discriminate against anything from chicklit to Kant.


A thoroughly good day is a day spent alone with the sound of the wind in the leaves outside, surrounded by books and words and writing tools in the company of furry creatures, and my husband bringing me chocolate when the sun gets ready to tuck itself and us all in.

This one is on the house. Click here for a free ebook, click here for a free audiobook