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A suspenseful novel of magical realism, visionary fiction and paranormal romance - a Nephilim love triangle set in contemporary California.

Award winner of “Honorable Mentions” at the Los Angeles Book Festival 2017

Kirkus Reviews: “...a captivating mix of romance and paranormal mystery… A multi-layered blend of romance and suspense with the right amount of paranormal intrigue for fans of the genre.”

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The paranormal is my normal. These are true stories. Let me take you for a ride.

A paranormal memoir, and sound advice how to navigate the paranormal without questioning your sanity. The audiobook includes an authentic voice recording of a disembodied spirit, who chimed in when I recorded alone in my studio at midnight. They tend to do that, and more...

"This is one of the best books I've enjoyed in a long time."
"A book to be savored and reread."
"An amazing book about a fascinating life."

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